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Tips to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the Winter Blues

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Winter is here, and for many of us, that also means the arrival of the winter blues. But for some people, it's something more serious—Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that can be brought on by changes in the season. Usually in winter when there's less sunlight during the day and the days are drearier but those that live in warmer weather can experience it too. People who suffer from SAD often experience feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, or being overwhelmed. If you are struggling with SAD or the winter blues this season, there are ways to cope and find relief. Here are some tips that may help!

Sunlamp Therapy

Sunlamp therapy is a great way to help counteract symptoms of SAD during the darker months of winter. Sunlamps, also called "happy lamps," is a special lamp that emits rays like the sun as if you are outside. It can have a positive effect on our circadian rhythm (your sleep-wake schedule) and can help boost serotonin levels in the body. Sitting in front of one can help your body produce more vitamin D, give you more energy and focus, and support your mood. When used consistently, even on sunny days, it can be more effective in some. Sunlamp therapy can be a great addition to support overall well-being during this time... and you can glisten like a glazed donut sitting in front of one.

Here is the link to the one I use and have had for years!

CBD & CBG to Support Your Endocannabinoid System

CBD and CBG may offer support when dealing with SAD or the winter blues. CBD can help to regulate mood and emotions while CBG has been known to reduce inflammation and improve mental clarity. Increasing your dose of CBD may be helpful in finding balance during this time. If you are already using CBD but not feeling your desired effects, perhaps a dose adjustment is what you need. You can get my favorite Physician-formulated CBD and CBG by HealerCBD here (20% off with my code KC20).

If you've never heard of CBG before, it is the "mother of all cannabinoids." From CBG is how cannabinoids like THC and CBD are born. It has so many benefits without making you feel high including increasing your dopamine ("happy hormones") levels in your body and offering antidepressant effects. Taking both CBD and CBG together can create an even greater effect as they work together in synergy to support your endocannabinoid system.

For me, supplementing my system every day with CBD and especially CBG through the darker months gives me mental focus and clarity, motivation at the right dose, and a sense of peace to know I can get through it.

If you're not sure where to start or how to begin figuring out how these cannabinoids can work for you, head over to my coaching services page to book a free discovery call with me and I can guide you on this journey!

Go for a Walk & Spend Time Outside

I know the last thing you may want to do is be outside when it's cold and dreary but getting outside is one of the best ways we can connect with nature and promote balance during this time of year. Even just stepping outside to take some deep breaths in of crisp, cool air can help you feel a little better. Being outside helps us get grounded by connecting with physical elements such as trees, plants, soil, etc., which we may not get enough exposure to throughout our daily lives indoors during these colder months. Going for walks each day helps reset our circadian rhythm while allowing us to take in fresh air which has several health benefits including boosting serotonin levels naturally. All it takes is 15-30 minutes per day!

Find Support

Talking to someone and finding support can be a critical factor in helping to manage seasonal affective disorder. Socializing with friends or family - and seeking out bits of joy - can do wonders for those affected by the disorder. Even if it’s just chatting on the phone or meeting up for coffee, this type of contact can significantly reduce feelings of isolation.

Going through SAD can feel lonely so connecting with others who share similar experiences is also beneficial; joining support groups allows individuals to connect with people who understand what they are going through, providing an opportunity to discuss thoughts and feelings without judgment.

If your symptoms feel too intense to manage on your own, finding support from a professional like a therapist or coach may be what you need. Professionals will be able to provide specialized advice tailored specifically for your individual needs that could help reduce the intensity of SAD, anxiety, and/or depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and its milder counterpart “the winter blues” can be difficult for many people during certain times of the year when days are shorter and darkness looms longer than usual. However, there are ways we can overcome these feelings naturally by using methods like sunlamp therapy, going outside for walks each day, supplementing with CBD & CBG products to support our endocannabinoid system, eating healthy foods full of minerals/vitamins/nutrients/etc., getting regular exercise, practicing mindfulness techniques like yoga or meditation, journaling regularly, talking out loud about what's bothering you or seeking professional help if needed - all tools that will help you find balance when dealing with seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues!

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With love,

Kris Canna

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